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The Leadership for Clinicians program is a tailored medical management and leadership program.  The workshops, case studies and self-development activities are designed to provide medical practitioners fundamental knowledge and practical skills in medical management and leadership. These are the essentials skills that can effectively be incorporated into current working practice.  This program has been developed to enable medical clinicians to enhance their performance and build their confidence and competence in a safe and confidential setting.  Five study themes are explored during the program:

  1. Understanding our healthcare system 
  2. Clinical governance and medico-legal 
  3. Medical workforce management and engagement 
  4. Leading strategy and change 
  5. Financial governance

Benefits of attending the Leadership for Clinicians Program:

  1. Use of Post Nominals.  Upon completion of the Leadership for Clinicians program you will be recognised with a certificate of completion which enables you to apply for Associate Fellowship of RACMA.
  2. Professionalise your leadership and management with a credential from a recognised medical management specialty college (RACMA)
  3. Join a network of medical leaders and managers
  4. Connect with mentors 
  5. Participate in continuing professional development

Previous participants have said

Attending this program made me feel more qualified to work as a clinical lead. I’m pleased I invested the time to complete this program 
This is a fantastic program which provides insight into areas in which it is difficult to obtain quality information.  Highly recommended for every clinician who is seeking an administrative role in a hospital setting
Very well run and highly relevant material with an opportunity to network with others from different health services


The requirements to participate in the Leadership for Clinicians program are:

  • a minimum of three years direct patient care, and
  • current medical registration in Australia or New Zealand, and
  • be in good standing with your employer and other medical specialty colleges


The fees for the 2019 Leadership for Clinicians programs are:

Application fee        $1,281.50 (including GST)
Module 1 (3 days)   $4,000.00 GST exclusive 
Module 2 (2 days)   $3,000.00 GST exclusive 
Module 3 (3 days)   $4,000.00 GST exclusive 
Award application fee $984.50 (including GST)


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