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Applications for 2019 Commencement of Candidacy via Standard Pathway Close 7 December, 2018.

     To apply or enquire about 2019 Commencement of Candidacy via RPLE, please contact the College office

     on (03) 9824 4699.


Doctors undertaking medical management responsibilities should seek specialist qualification and training with RACMA. If you are a skilled decision maker, team builder, strategic thinker and lead clinical and medical services in a health organisation, then you should consider training towards Fellowship in the specialty of Medical Administration.

RACMA Fellowship is a specialist qualification recognised by the Australian and New Zealand Medical Councils. The Fellowship Training Program (FTP) is an integrated learning model divided into four key domains:


Each of the Domains incorporates one or more of the College Curriculum’s eight role competencies and has a program of formative assessment activities and summative tasks, including oral examinations, training workshops, webinars, tutorials, written assignments and oral presentations.



To join the RACMA Fellowship Training Program (FTP), you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Current general or specialist medical registration in Australia or New Zealand
  2. A minimum of three years full time clinical experience involving direct patient care
  3. A medical management position. This may be a training post or a substantive position that will allow the Candidate to develop the appropriate medical management competencies. This post will normally be in Australia or New Zealand.


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Standard Pathway

Suitably qualified doctors seeking entry to the Fellowship Training Program (FTP) may apply to train to become Fellows of the College. To be eligible to be considered for Candidacy, a doctor must show evidence of meeting the basic pre-requisites.

Applications close 7 December, 2018.

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Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE)

Doctors with demonstrated experience in medical management in Australia or New Zealand may seek Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE) when applying for entry to the RACMA Fellowship Training Program. The level of RPLE awarded will reduce the required period of Supervised Medical Management Practice.

For applications and enquiries, contact the College Office on (03) 9824 4699.


The award of RPLE allows applicants to be considered for the following accelerated pathways:

Clinical Specialist Pathway

Clinical Specialists with substantial medical management experience in the Australian and New Zealand health system can seek RPLE for entry to the Fellowship Training Program. This pathway is ordinarily predicated on the 18 months RPLE and will reduce the training time in medical management practice under supervision from 36 months (as a minimum) to 18 months full time equivalent.

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Medical Executive Pathway

Doctors with significant demonstrated experience in medical management in Australia and New Zealand may seek entry to Fellowship Training Program with a maximum exemption from supervised medical management practice.

Doctors seeking RPLE into the Medical Executive Pathway will need to demonstrate senior medical management experience in executive medical administration/management roles at least 0.8 EFT over a 5 year period as a minimum.

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University Masters’ Requirements

Candidates are required to complete an approved university Masters; program to meet the academic requirements of the Fellowship Training Program. This is to provide Candidates with the theoretical underpinning to their experiential training and medical management practice while undertaking training towards Fellowship.

It is not a requirement to have this Masters’ degree completed before commencing as a Candidate. The study may be undertaken and completed during candidacy prior to being eligible for election to Fellowship.

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