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The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) has five membership categories:

  • Fellowship, which is recognised by the post nominals of FRACMA.
  • Honorary Fellowship which is recognised by the post nominals of FRACMA (Hon)
  • Associate Fellowship, which is recognised by the post nominals of AFRACMA.
  • Affiliate, which does not have any post nominals attached.
  • Candidate does not have any post nominals attached

All members of RACMA will have the following attributes:

  • be medically qualified;
  • have an interest in the broader issues of healthcare;
  • have a commitment to clinical and medical professional governance; and
  • have a commitment to positively influencing health outcomes



If you are already working in a medical management role and wish to formalise your experience and qualifications by being recognised as a Specialist Medical Leader or Medical Administrator you can apply to undertake the RACMA Fellowship Training Program which upon successful completion you will become a RACMA Fellow and be able to register in the speciality of Medical Administration in Australia or Vocational Certification in New Zealand.

Minimum entry requirements:

  • Current general or specialist medical registration in Australia or New Zealand;
  • A minimum of three years full time clinical experience involving direct patient care; and
  • Be in a medical management role.

For more information on the entry requirements and application process for the Fellowship Training program please click here



RACMA from time to time confers honorary fellowship on distinguished individuals who have contributed to the advancement of knowledge or the betterment of society and who have achieved eminence in their field of endeavour at local, State, national or international level and which advances the role, function and achievements of medical administration in health services leadership and management.



If you are considering a career in medical administration and have commenced in a management role you may wish to expand on your knowledge in medical leadership and management by completing the Leadership for Clinicians program. Upon completion of this program you will be eligible to apply for recognition as an Associate Fellow with RACMA.

Entry requirements:

  • A minimum of three years direct patient care;
  • Be a medical practitioner; and
  • Be in good standing with your employer and other specialty medical colleges.

For more information on the Leadership for Clinicians program please click here



This membership category is for medical practitioners who wish to join RACMA without undertaking any formal education or training. Affiliate members can still access many benefits from forming an association with RACMA.

To apply for Affiliate membership, please complete the online application form by clicking here



Any Doctor undertaking the Fellowship Training Program is regarded as a Candidate and holds that classification of membership for the duration of their studies prior to being conferred to Fellowship.

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