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2019 Queen's Birthday Honours for Members
RACMA would like to congratulate our members who received Queen’s Birthday Honours this year. It is a great achievement to be recognised by the wider community for their services to medical administration... Read More
Crazy Socks 4 Docs Day
If you’ve ever needed an excuse to wear odd or wacky socks then you have free reign this Friday, 7 June, to mark Crazy Socks 4 Docs Day. The event is all about raising awareness of the mental health of... Read More
2019/2020 invoices
RACMA will be issuing invoices for the upcoming 2019/2020 financial year at the end of May via email. You will receive an email from RACMA which will contain a link to enable you to... Read More
Mar 28, 2019 / Member News
Mar 07, 2019 / Member News
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