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The Edgy Issues Program (EIP) delivers online discussions and debates enabling doctors and health professionals in rural and remote areas opportunities to enhance their CPD and sustain best practices in medical leadership and management through access to the program.  The Edgy Issues Program was a government funded project through RHCE funding.  The funding for this program is no longer available therefore the Edgy Issues Program has now finished.

Through the E-dgy Issues Program, RACMA provides a forum to enable important interdisciplinary, interprofessional and multidisciplinary cooperation in approaches to contemporary health issues affecting rural and remote health associations. These forums provide live robust discussions on contemporary and ‘Edgy Issues’ that are current to health services while promoting greater sector interconnection.

The range of issues raised and questioned encourage significant discussion and best practice approaches to contemporary challenges, vital in continuing to minimise the effects of isolation for the non-metropolitan based health services that provide key health care in rural and remote communities.

To view further topic related resources and to access recordings, visit the EIP Repository at www.racma.edu.au/documents/eip.

The 2014 E-dgy Issues Program Booklet provides a compilation of the presentations, debates and discussions presented during 2014.

Visit www.ruralspecialist.org.au/specialty/racma-courses to access RHCE resources that may be of interest to RACMA members.

E-Dgy Issues

Ageism, sexism, bullying, respect or un-esteemed collaborations between medical professionals. Are we duplicating what is taught in medicine?
Presented by Associate Professor David Hillis, delivered 14 October 2015.
Conquering fragmented rural mental health and other specialist medical services - Telehealth.
Presented by Professor Peter Yellowlees, delivered on 19 August 2015.
Playing ball – Embracing collaborative care and reducing load on rural practice through true multidisciplinary integration.
Presented by Associate Professor Joe McGirr, delivered on 15 July 2015.
Inequality in Indigenous health - What lessons in indigenous health have been learnt?
Presented by Ms Debra Hocking, delivered on 20 May 2015.
Rural Work Life Balance: High Performance Living.
Presented by Dr John Best, delivered on 18 October 2014.
Health Workforce - How can it be maintained in rural areas in the 21st century?
Presented by Dr David Campbell and Dr Robyn Mason, delivered on 21 August 2014.
End of Life.
Presented by Dr Brendan Murphy, delivered on 2 July 2014.
Presented by Prof Jenny Simpson OBE, Mr Philip Pigou and Dr Joanna Flynn, delivered on 29 May 2014.

To view further topic related resources and to access recordings visit www.racma.edu.au/documents/eip.

Watch this space for details of the RACMA Edgy Issues Program scheduled for 2016.

Delivery of the E-dgy Issues Program

Commencing in 2014, The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators has delivered eight 1.5 hour webinars comprising of debates and discussions to doctors and health professionals. These are based on 'Edgy Issues' and contemporary issues related to health services, medical and clinical administration.

Webinars take the form of a 20 minute presentation on the 'e-dgy issue' by the guest presenter/s followed by a short debate for the affirmative and negative positions of the topic presented, a Q & A session and discussion time.

Following each webinar, a short online survey completed by participants which serves to evaluate learning outcomes and delivery of the EIP.

RACMA Participants will be awarded the following CEP/CPD points:
  • Topic Presenter: 3 points
  • Topic Debaters and Facilitator: 2.5 points
  • Webinar Participants: 1.5 points
For more information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This Project is a joint initiative of the Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges and Department of Health and is funded by the Australian Government. Please note that the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators is solely responsible for the content of, and views expressed in any material associated with this project, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Commonwealth.
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RACMA Monthly Webinar Series Print E-mail
The RACMA Member Webinar Series provides a range of webinars for Fellows, Associate Fellows, Candidates and Trainees with participation contributing towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.  These webinars are facilitated by our senior Fellows as well as a range of guest speakers. The webinars comprise of a diverse range topics within contemporary medical leadership and management, presented by influential leaders in Australasian medical administration, governance, health care and health services research.

For further information please contact RACMA on +61 3 9824 4699 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The 2018 RACMA Monthly Webinar Schedule

The 2018 webinar series will once again bring high quality discussion forums on issues of diverse and contemporary medical leadership and management. These webinars will be held on the last Wednesday of the month between the hours of 1230hrs to 1330hrs (Melbourne time).

The schedule for 2018 is outlined below, please note last minute changes may occur due to availability of presenters:-

30 May - Working with ICE addicted patients - safety & rights of patients & staff - Presenter TBA

29 August - Optimising use of clinical data - Presenter A/Prof Sergio Diez Alvarez, University of New England - POSTPONED - New date Tuesday 11 September

September - Clinical Governance and Leadership in New Zealand DHB's - Presenter Professor Robin Gauld, PVC (Commerce), University of Otago POSTPONED - New date 3 October

1 November - Challenges for Private Health Insurance - Presenter Dr David Rankin, Clinical Director, Medibank NOTE - Change of date

28 November - Postcards from Israel - Presenter Professor George Braitberg AM, Monash University

Webinar Recordings

View the entire Webinar series at http://vimeopro.com/racma/racma-interact-training-program or select a presentation below.

July 2018 - Mindfulness for wellness and peak performance - Presenter A/Prof Craig Hassad, Monash University

June 2018, The reality of Closing the Gap report - Dr Tony Austin AM, A/Prof Alan Sandford AM, Dr Marjad Page

April 2018, Safety & Quality Commission presentation -  Adjunct Professor Debora Picone AM, Chief Executive Officer

March 2018, Working with Junior Doctors and Working with Junior Doctors and recognising their achievements and challenges - Presenter Dr Jo Burnand FRACMA

February 2018, Victorian Assisted Dying Legislation - Presenter Ms Felicity Iredale & Ms Sophie Bolzonello, Russell Kennedy Pty Ltd

December 2017,Medical Workforce Management – The Basics, Presented by Dr Leah Barrett-Beck and Dr Tony Sara

August 2017,Considering Doctors Wellbeing, Patient Safety and Mandatory Reporting, Presented by Dr Kym Jenkins and Dr Michael Jones 

June 2017,Rural and Remote Mental Health Presented by Associate Professor Kathleen Aitkinson 

March 2017,Clinical Governance by Associate Professor Joe McGirr 

 1 December 2016, Targeting zero: Supporting the Victorian hospital system to eliminate avoidable harm and strengthen quality of care: Report of the Review of Hospital Safety and Quality Assurance in Victoria Presented Dr Stephen Duckett - Grattan Institute

22 November 2016, Understanding and Challenges of Treating Patients from International Cultures Presented by Dr Paul Douglas

20 October 2016, Challenges in the Rural and Regional Settings Presented by Dr Kelvin Billinghurst

22 September 2016, Clinical Leadership and Governance Presented by Professor Robin Gauld

31 August 2016, Coronial Inquiries Presented by Dr Don Buchanan

21 July 2016, Private Health Funding: The quality-cost conundrum Presented by Dr David Rankin

21 June 2016, Open Disclosure: Conducting a critical difficult conversation Presented by A/Prof Alan Sandford

25 May 2016, Using Health Informatics in Medical Management Presented by Dr Tony Sara

27 April 2016, Bullying and Harassment in Health Care Presented by Dr Heather Wellington and Mr Simon Bailey
23 March 2016, Choosing Wisely - What does this initiative mean for medical managers? Presented by Dr Justin Coleman
11 February 2016, Making Clinical Governance Real Presented by Dr Liz Mullins
09 December 2015, Impacts of Hearing Issues in the Workplace Presented by Dr Elaine Saunders
18 November 2015, Medical Credentialing: The Why and How Presented by Associate Professor Alan Sandford

13 October 2015, Ethical Decision Making Presented by Professor Erwin Loh
26 August 2015, Performance Management: Difficult Conversations Presented by Associate Professor Alan Sandford

11 August 2015, Health Law Update Presented by Professor Erwin Loh

22 July 2015, Clinical Governance Presented by Dr Annette Pantle

17 June 2015, Telemedicine Presented by Dr Victoria (Tori) Wade

08 May 2015, Public Speaking Presented by Professor Geraldine MacCarrick

15 April 2015, Indigenous Health Presented by Dr Tony Austin AM

18 February 2015, Private Health Insurance in Australia Presented by Dr David Rankin

20 November 2014, Indigenous Health Presented by Dr Tammy Kimpton

22 October 2014, Refugees and Health Issues Presented by Dr Mark Parrish

3 September 2014, New Zealand Health System Presented by Dr Margaret Wilsher

24 July 2014, Open Disclosure and Apology in Health Care Services Presented by Professor Tracey MacDonald

17 June 2014, Reflections on Leadership and LeadersPresented by Dr Lee Gruner

7 May 2014, Not Just Ticking the Box, Making a difference to health services through consumer participation Presented by Dr Sally Nathan

13 November 2013, Team Leadership and Engagement Presented by Dr Tony Austin

12 September 2013, Emotional Intelligence and its Role in Leadership and Influencing. Presented by Dr Penny Flett

14 August 2013, Resilience Engineering in Australian Healthcare. Presented by Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite and Dr Robyn Clay-Williams

24 July 2013, Managing Risk In Healthcare - Where Has The Journey Taken Us? Presented by Dr Lee Gruner

26 June 2013, Adult Learning Principles and How To Use Them Presented by Prof Geraldine MacCarrick

22 May 2013, Clinical Governance Presented by Dr Annette Pantle

2 October 2012, Disparities in the NZ Healthcare System Presented by Dr Dell Hood

1 August 2012, Leadership in Practice. Case Studies Presented by Dr Brett Gardiner and Rear Admiral Robyn Walker AM. Transcript

5 July 2012, Evidence Based Decision-Making Presented by Prof Gavin Frost

7 June 2012, Coroner's Court Health Law Updates Presented by A/Prof Erwin Loh, Judge Jennifer Coate and Dr Heather Wellington

2 May 2012, Operational Management: Case Studies from Three Health Care Systems Presented by Dr Helen Parsons, Dr Annette Pantle and Commodore Liz Rushbrook

12 April 2012, Human Resource Management Presented by Dr Alan Sandford and Ms Sophie Conabere

22 March 2012, Consumer Engagement Presented by Dr Lee Gruner and Ms Deborah Smith. Transcript Part 1, Transcript Part 2

7 March 2012, Translation of Policy into Practice Presented by Prof Chris Baggoley. Transcript

2 Feb 2012, Capital Planning and Funding Presented by Prof Christine Kilpatrick. Transcript

5 December 2011, Clinical Management IT Systems (e-Health) Presented by Dr Richard Ashby and Dr Tony Sara

14 November 2011, Clinical Governance Presented by Dr Lee Gruner

9 September 2011, Public vs Private Healthcare Systems Presented by Dr Michael Walsh and Dr Andrew Johnson

5 August 2011, Managing Upwards Presented by Dr Tony Austin. Transcript

4 July 2011, Ethics in Medical Management Presented by Dr Bernie Brenner and Dr Helen McArdle

3 June 2011, Health Law Presented by Dr Helen McArdle and A/Prof Erwin Loh

9 May 2011, Financial Management & Budgeting Presented by Dr Michael Walsh

4 April 2011, Australian vs NZ Healthcare Systems Presented by Dr David Rankin, Dr Roger Boyd and Dr Robyn Lawrence

4 March 2011, Perspective of Clinical Leadership Presented by Dr Tony Austin, Prof Chris Kilpatrick and Dr Michael Walsh A/Prof Alan Sandford AM
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Management for Clinicians Print E-mail

Practical Leadership skills for Clinicians with management responsibilities


Clinicians are the stewards of our health system.  Development of your leadership and management skills are essential for your career, for your patient outcomes and your organisation.  

Four study themes are covered during the 2-day workshop:
1.     Clinical to Clinician Manager
2.     Understanding Health Care Systems
3.     Clinical Governance
4.     Leadership Styles and Building Teams

Who should attend?
This 2-day workshop is aimed at:
-          Practitioners transitioning into a leadership role
-          Medical employees recently appointed to a leadership and/or management position

You will benefit by:
Developing leadership and management skills
Understanding the factors necessary for continuous quality improvement in patient safety

Developing your knowledge of health care systems operations
Understanding how to lead and manage team effectiveness
An opportunity to network with senior medical administration specialists
Receiving a Management for Clinicians certificate on completion  

Your facilitator
This workshop is facilitated by experienced Fellows of The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.  These Fellows are currently working in a leadership and/or management role, serving on Boards and committees.  While holding these senior positions, our Fellows have current experiencing in responding to the challenges of working in a complex and adaptive health system and during the workshop will share their insights and experiences with delegates.  

The cost of attending this 2-day program is $1,500 per participant Early Bird (paid up to 2 weeks prior) $1,650 per participant Full Registration
This price includes workshop materials, catering and networking event at the end of day one (optional).

Travel and accommodation costs are not included. 

Need further information: 
To obtain further details please contact: Nicky Jacob, National Program Coordinator
61 3 9824 4699

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2017 / 2018 Dates

Management for Clinicians
August 2017 - Friday 25 & Saturday 26                    
September 2017  – Friday 22 & Saturday 23         
November 2017 – Friday 24 & Saturday 25            
April 2018 – Friday 13 & Saturday 14                  


Management for Clinicians Rehab Physicians
October 2017 – Saturday 7 & Sunday 8                  
March 2018 – Saturday 3 & Sunday 4  
Brisbane Melbourne
NOTE:  Management for Clinicians Rehab Physicians program meets the completion requirements for Module 5 of the Australasian Faculty of Rehab Medicine (AFRM) training program.  To be eligible you must submit a short reflective paper on the workshop.  

Management for Clinicians - Rehabilitation Physicians Print E-mail

Management for Clinicians - Rehabilitation Physicians
Practical Management for rehabilitation Physicians with Leadership Responsibilities

This 2 day program is aimed at practitioners involved or interested in leadership and management in the rehabilitation health care setting.
At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:
  • Explain the competencies required to fulfill a rehabilitation managerial role
  • Describe the broader context in which rehabilitation physician managers operate
  • Develop effective media management and communication skills
  • List the components of good clinical governance frameworks
  • Categorize the skills necessary to lead and work effectively with teams
  • Identify strategies to manage the transition from clinician to clinician manager
Registrations opening soon

Course Fee
$1,650.00 per person Full Registration*
$1,500 per person Early Bird Registration*
Early Bird must be made prior to 29th Dec 2016

When and Where?
Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 February 2017
Harbourview North Sydney
17 Blue Street, North Sydney, NSW

Registration now open!

Registration Formview pdf file
Workshop Brochure view pdf file
For further information please email Nicky Jacob at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
*Fee subject to change