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College Regulations and Guidelines

In this section you will find a comprehensive list of RACMA Regulations and Guidelines.

# Article Title
1 Accreditation of Training Posts
2 Appeal of Decision of College Committees and Officers
3 Award of Honorary Fellowship
4 Award of the College Medallion
5 Boards of Studies
6 Candidate Transfer to AFRACMA
7 CEP Exemptions
8 Conduct of Jurisdictional Committee Elections
9 Conduct of the Oral Examination - UNDER REVIEW
10 Definition of a College Academic Year
11 Ex Officio Membership of Jurisdictional Committees
12 Letter to the Editor Guidelines
13 Management Case Study Guidelines for Assessment
14 Management Case Study Guidelines for Oral Presentation
15 Management Case Study Guidelines for Preparation and Writing
16 Management Case Study Guidelines for re-write and re-submission
17 Management of RACMA Board Standing Committees
18 Margaret Tobin Challenge Award
19 Masters Component of Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum Framework
20 National Annual Conference
21 New Fellow Achievement Award
22 Payment of Annual Subscriptions & Training Fees
23 RACMA Candidates in Difficulty in the Fellowship Training Program
24 Recognition of the HKCCM CME & CPD program for CEP certification of HK FRACMA
25 Recording CEP Participation
26 Reflective Journal Writing Guidelines
27 Regulation - Academic Costume
28 Regulation - Eligibility to Election to Fellowship
29 Regulation - Performance/Competency and Retraining
30 Regulation - Requesting an Extension in the Fellowship Training Program
31 Regulation - Use of College Seal
32 Rights and Privileges of Members of the College
33 Supervised Practice in the RACMA Fellowship Training Program
34 Suspension or Termination of Appointment to Representative Positions
35 Training in settings other than an accredited training post
36 Variation to Payment of Subscriptions (All Members)