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College Policies

In this section you will find a comprehensive list of RACMA Policies.

# Article Title
1 Annual Audit of Participation in CEP
2 Assessing international medical graduates (IMGs) seeking specialist Recognition and RACMA Fellowship
3 Assessing international medical graduates seeking RACMA Fellowship (NZ)
4 Cancellation Policy
5 Confidentiality Policy
6 Conflict of Interest and Declaration of Interests for RACMA Directors, Officers, Committee Members and others representing the interests of RACMA
7 Consumer/Community Engagement Policy Framework
8 Continuing Professional Development Standard
9 Curriculum Development and Review
10 Deferment, Taking Leave and Withdrawal/Resignation from Fellowship Training Program
11 Employee Code of Conduct
12 Expense Reimbursment Policy
13 Good Medical Practice - A Code of Conduct for Doctors in Australia
14 Good Medical Practice - A Code of Conduct for Doctors in New Zealand
15 Implementing Change in the College Training Programs
16 Intellectual Property Policy
17 Medical Administration Defined
18 Mentoring Program
19 Paid Outside Work by Employees
20 Performance/Competency and Retraining
21 Policy & Position Paper Development
22 Policy for Appointment and Training of Censors
23 Policy for the Engagement of College Members in Paid Work for the College
24 Privacy Policy
25 Processing Applications for Candidacy
26 Professional Development for Board Members and Senior Officers
27 RACMA Officers' Code of Conduct
28 Reconsideration, Review and Appeal of Decisions of the College Committees and Officers
29 Special Consideration for the Oral Presentation for Candidates requiring consideration for illness, accident, disability or compassionate grounds
30 Supervised Practice in the RACMA Fellowship Training Program
31 Supervision requirements for Non-specialists
32 Travel Policy
33 Use of the College Logo and Trade Marks
34 Welcomes and Acknowledgements