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Dr Michael ClearyOn 24 February 1964, the then College Sub-Committee of the Medical Superintendent’s Association of Victoria resolved that the name of the proposed College be the Australian College of Medical Administrators, that the Sponsoring Body be responsible for the financial commitments, and that a College Steering Committee be formed to advance the formation of the College.  The College was incorporated under the Companies Act of Victoria on 21st March 1967.

In October 1967, Dr John Shepherd who was then the Honorary Secretary wrote to senior doctors of the fledgling college that the “Interim Council has met on three occasions, and the College Activities are slowly but surely taking shape. There has been a most enthusiastic response by medical administrators to the formation of this College, and the response has been confirmed by the number accepting Foundation Fellowship… as defined in Article 9…” (attached document from RACMA Newsletters 1967-82).

The Inaugural Meeting was held during a two day meeting in Melbourne in May 1968 and it was at this event the College proposed to hold its first annual meeting, scientific meetings and social function. Special functions for members’ wives were to be arranged.

It is interesting to look back upon old records of the College and to ponder what has changed for us all. I have noted that in 1969 the then Council reaffirmed that the special examination for entrance to the College consisted of the following subjects:

·         Principles of Administration
·         Health Services Law
·         Principles of Finance
·         Principles of Personnel Management
·         Health Services Administration
·         Elementary Biostatistics
·         Psycho-Social Medicine
·         Trends in Diagnosis and Preventative Medicines, Treatment and Medical Care.

In the College records of 50 years ago, there is a myriad of interesting history and we hope to bring some of this forward over the next months as we celebrate the College’s journey to 2017.

In 2017, 50 years on, The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators has more than 1,000 Fellows, Associate Fellows, Candidates and Trainees spanning Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong – with some members in other overseas locations.  Training, research and development programs for medical administration have developed significantly over the last 50 years. Today, the College is accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and its Fellowship Training Program (FTP) continues to respond to the ever increasing rigour in these accreditation standards.

Annually the College graduates around 20 new Fellows from approximately 120 in the FTP each year. It is so very pleasing now to see that in WA, NSW, SA, Victoria, NT and Queensland funding and support is being provided from jurisdictional health departments and increasingly from the Commonwealth through the Specialist Training Program. To support all this the College operations are now supported by approximately 20 staff in the Melbourne based National Office. Many more RACMA Fellows contribute significantly as Preceptors and Supervisors, Censors and Committee members. Without this collegiality the future generation of medical administrators would not be prepared.

This will be a very exciting year, and I look forward to working with you to both look to the past, but also to build our future.

Professor Michael Cleary PSM


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