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Learning and Teaching Centre Management Committee
Authorised by: RACMA Board
Authorised date: November 2015
Review date: November 2018

1. Scope
The Learning and Teaching Centre Management Committee (LTCMC) will set strategic priorities for the RACMA Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) on behalf of the Board of Directors.

The LTCMC will also provide advice and guidance to the CEO and LTC and liaise with other Committees to ensure key educational objectives of the College are met in relation to Continuing Professional Development of College members and the development of College faculty.

The LTCMC will define its terms of reference in accordance with the strategic direction and priorities of the RACMA Board and submit them to the Board for approval.

2. Membership
The Committee Chair will be appointed by the Board. At least two members of the Committee shall also be members of the RACMA board.

3. Other members
  • Dean of Education and Chair of the CEP Committee
  • 3-4 Fellows with expertise relevant to the LTC strategic priorities
  • One AFRACMA representative
  • One Candidate representative
  • Such additional co-opted members or external advisors as the Chair deems necessary to provide specific expertise in relation to learning and teaching projects.

4. Roles and responsibilities
The Learning and Teaching Centre Management Committee will :
  • Document an annual business plan for the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC);
  • Endorse the proposed Schedule / CPD program for each seasonal Institute;
  • Implement College policy relevant to the LTC, including
    • Faculty Engagement Policy
    • Consulting fee structure for LTC faculty (both College and non-College)
    • Participant fee structure for CPD options (both member and non-member)
  • Ensure appropriate delegated authorities exist for CEO to engage LTC faculty for the design, delivery and evaluation of CPD services through the LTC;
  • Determine appropriate conditions under which College faculty may enter into a formal (paid) Engagement Agreement with the LTC, including consideration of
    • Legal form for Engagement Agreements;
    • Pre-requisites for faculty to enter a fixed term agreement (past experience, adherence to quality standards, participation in CPD)
    • Term of agreement and definition/scope of services to be provided
    • Ongoing performance expectations
    • Appropriate scale of fees for services provided by College faculty
  • Evaluate College CPD offerings to ensure they options exist which fulfil both College and external MBA Standards;
  • Advise the CEO and Manager LTC on strategic priorities for the LTC;
  • Make recommendations regarding the alignment of LTC activities with College CPD Standards and modularisation of the FTP and CPD curriculum;
  • Refer proposals with resource implications (including annual LTC budget) to the Finance and Audit Committee ahead of any recommendations to the RACMA Board;
  • Provide advice and guidance to the management of the LTC on the learning and development needs of senior medical leaders to ensure relevance of LTC programs to Fellows and capacity of LTC to attract participants from other Colleges and the wider health sector.

5. Accountability
The Learning and Teaching Centre Management Committee will report to the Board via the Chair.

The LTCMC will provide reports to the Board on progress against measures in the annual business plan for the LTC and outcomes achieved by the LTC for the College which contribute to the outcomes in the PACE strategic plan.

6. Meetings
  • The Learning and Teaching Centre Management Committee will meet bi-monthly, or more frequently if required by special circumstances.
  • The LTCMC may hold extra-ordinary meetings via circulation for specific purposes requiring decision, such as acceptance of a program proposal or approval of recommendation to enter into an Engagement Agreement with faculty.
  • Meetings may be conducted by phone conference, provided one face to face meeting per year is conducted.
  • The LTCMC may elect to establish an executive sub-committee and separate working groups to oversee key projects of the LTC. In this event, the different branches of the LTCMC may meet severally, with working groups reporting on a quarterly basis to the executive sub-committee.

7. Strategic priorities
The Learning and Teaching Centre Management Committee will advise the CEO and Manager LTC on the priorities for the LTC, relative to :
  • Design, delivery and evaluation of CPD programs to Fellows and Associate Fellows of the College;
  • Alignment and integration of College CPD programs with the FTP program;
  • Implementation of quality standards relevant to the delivery and evaluation of learning programs offered by the College;
  • Design and delivery of CPD programs for College faculty which support strong educational outcomes and the attainment of quality standards in CEP delivery;
  • Allocation of CPD weighting to College faculty activities (design and delivery of programs, both paid and unpaid)
  • Required conditions for entry into formal Engagement Agreement between College faculty and RACMA

8. Evaluation
The Learning and Teaching Centre Management Committee will review its performance against an annual plan and strategic priorities established at the commencement of each financial year.

The LTCMC will also review these Terms of Reference at the commencement of each academic year.

Every 3 years the Chair of the LTCMC will meet with the Board President to discuss the progress of the LTCMC against the strategic plan for the LTC.

9. Quorum
Quorum will comprise 50% of current Committee members including the Chair, where the majority always must be Fellows.

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