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Accreditation Review Panel


The College establishes this Accreditation Review Panel to consider the accreditation recommendations from the Accreditation visits for the purpose of accrediting RACMA training posts. The Accreditation Review Panel will be a specific-purpose panel that advises the Education and Training Committee and the College Chief Executive on the accreditation of RACMA training posts and related matters.

Panel Structure



The Accreditation Review Panel will comprise of members of the visiting accreditation teams, 5 members will constitute a quorum.  Members of the panel must be an active accreditor and part of the visiting accreditation teams.  Members of the accreditation review panel will be selected from an Expression of Interest process.  The accreditation review panel must consist of:

  • Fellows - At least three Fellows who are currently actively involved in the delivery of the Fellowship Training Program, such as a JCT, Censor, Preceptor, Supervisor
  • Newly elected Fellow

Visiting accreditation teams will comprise 2 members one of which must be a RACMA Fellow with at least 3 years active involvement in the delivery of the RACMA Fellowship Training Program.

The Panel Terms of Reference membership will be approved by the Education and Training Committee.

Panel members are appointed for 3 years with an option for extension beyond that period.
The Panel will appoint a Chair.
Members may be co-opted for specific input.


The Accreditation Review Panel will meet at least 3 times per year and then as required to review accreditation of training posts and where recommendations have been made due to issues being raised and a decision of the visiting accreditation team needs to be reviewed.


The Accreditation Review Panel is a sub-committee of and will report to the Education and Training Committee.


  1. The Accreditation Review Panel
The Accreditation review panel will be responsible for:
·         Setting the standards for accreditation
·         Reviewing recommendations from visiting accreditation teams made with regards to site visits
·         Reviewing the performance of posts
·         Making recommendations to the ETC with regards to accreditation and its processes
·         Develop policies and guidelines for reviewing training posts
·         Note and/or make further recommendations to reduce training gaps identified
·         Endorse and recommend accreditation to the Education and Training Committee when required
·         Review the RACMA accreditation of training post process.

  1. The National Office
The National Office will:

·         Maintain and provide a schedule of accreditation site visits;
·         Bring forward recommendations from accreditation site visit reports where there are issues and a review is required;
·         Maintain a register of RACMA accreditation training posts;
·         Monitor the implementation of Accreditation site visit recommendations with health settings;
·         Advise accreditation outcomes to the health settings, JCTs, Jurisdictional Committees and Candidates;
·         Evaluate the accreditation process and Training Posts with the health settings, Candidates, Supervisors and JCTs; and
·         Provide an annual review to the ETC of accredited training posts visited and performance outcomes.


The Accreditation Review Panel will annually review its performance, the RACMA Accreditation of Training Post policy and regulation that support its operations, and provide a written report to the Education & Training Committee at the end of each year of activity.


Five members will constitute a quorum for meetings of the Accreditation Review Panel.

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