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Position Title: President
Reviewed: June 2013


The President will ensure the RACMA Board of Directors achieves its full potential to build a sustainable business, improve the education and training of medical practitioners occupying roles and positions in health services leadership and management services, promote the specialty of medical administration and advocate for the College and its Members.

The president will act within delegated authority from the Board for all aspects of the governance of the College which includes developing and leading appropriate business strategies for the Board and achieving timely and effective implementation.


The President will be elected by the Members of the College and serve for one term of 3 years.
Main Responsibilities
  • To chair and lead all meetings of the Board, having agreed in advance the agenda in liaison with the Chief Executive. To ensure that the Members are properly briefed on the issues arising at Board meetings.
  • To ensure that corporate governance is conducted in accordance with current best practice principles and in the interests of stakeholders and that it complies with all relevant legislation.
  • To lead corporate strategic direction. To ensure that Board approved strategies are successfully implemented by Management and that risks are effectively assessed and managed.
  • To ensure that appropriate objectives and policies are adopted, that the necessary financial and human resources are in place and that their performance is effectively monitored.
  • To be fully conversant with the business of the RACMA and with its legal and statutory obligations.
  • To provide any requested input and advice to the Members to assist the nomination, selection and recruitment process for Members and ensure the Board is properly constituted.
  • To provide direction, support and mentoring to the CEO to ensure that the Board properly addresses its corporate responsibilities, objectives and priorities.
  • As representative of the Board, appointing and where appropriate removing the CEO.
  • To monitor the performance of the CEO undertaking performance and remuneration reviews as authorised by the Board.
  • To monitor and review Board and organisational performance.
  • To ensure the affective induction of new Board members.
  • To guide and promote the on-going effectiveness and development of Board members.
  • To act as spokesperson for and on behalf of the RACMA in all relevant public forums as appropriate.
  • To ensure effective communication with stakeholders and supporters.
  • To liaise with and report to the Members.
  • To enhance and protect the reputation of the RACMA.

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