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State/Territory and New Zealand Treasurers

1. Annual Audit
State and Territory financial statements must be in at the Secretariat before the 20th of June. Please reconcile all annual accounts to 31 May and ensure as far as possible to complete all financial year transactions before this.

Please use the College spreadsheet template  to record all monthly financial activity. This will standardize the way that financial material is given to the external Auditor and streamline the audit process.

Treasurers are also required to submit quarterly reports to the Secretariat to assist with the BAS.

12 Month Financial Report Templatedownload spreadsheet


2. Budgeting for and Pricing Committee Projects
From time to time Committees run events e.g. training programs. Committees will need to sign off on the budget for such events and ensure that all costs are accounted for.

A template has been prepared to assist in this project budgeting. Please click here for access to the template.

Budgeting & Pricing Templatedownload spreadsheet

If you have any queries please contact Dr Karen Owen at the Secretariat.

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