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AMC Accreditation
2008 AMC Report
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Medical Council of New Zealand
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RACMA is required to undergo assessment of its Fellowship Training Program by the Australian Medical Council on a periodical basis. Below is listed the submissions for the 2012 and 2018 accreditation processes.

2018 Accreditation Submissionview pdf file
2018 Accreditation Addendumview pdf file
2012 Accreditation Reportview pdf file
2012 Reaccreditation Submissionview pdf file
2012 Reaccreditation Submission Appendicesview pdf file [14MB]

2008 AMC Report

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) has granted 4 years accreditation to The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators’ training program for specialist medical administrators after a comprehensive assessment of the College’s programs and processes.

The AMC expert team’s assessment included an extensive program of site visits, written stakeholder feedback and comprehensive documentation from the College.

The AMC report notes the Colleges’ commitment to reviewing and developing its education and training in medical administration and identifying training opportunities in both the private and public sector. The report comments on the major changes the College is making to its constitution, and its policies, procedures and processes. The report recommends the College further develop the competencies of the medical administrator and develop a more succinct statement about medical administration as a speciality and the key contribution trained medical administrators make to the quality and safety of modern health care delivery. The report also encourages the College to strategically position itself as a leading advocate and commentator on quality and sustainable health care leadership in Australasia.

The AMC team’s report is available for viewing by following the links below.

2008 AMC Final Reportview pdf file|download pdf file

Thank you to all those Fellows, Members and Candidates who contributed to preparations for accreditation and well done everybody.

Dr David Rankin
December 2008


2008 AMC Accreditation Submission

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is conducted  the first accreditation review of the College’s education, training and continuing professional development programs.

The College submitted its final Submission for Accreditation to the AMC accreditation team. This team was appointed by the AMC on the recommendation of the Specialist Education Accreditation Committee.

The submission describes in detail the structure, content and goals of the education and training program including the new training competencies, the accreditation process for organisations to provide training, training program evaluation methods and the College’s continuing professional development program.

2008 AMC Accreditation Submissionview pdf file|download pdf file
2008 AMC Accreditation Submission Appendicesdownload zip file[8mb]


The following table identifies selected key readings of the Accreditation Submission.
If you want to look at these readings view or download the respective pdf files.
Summary Reference Guide
If you are interested in: Submission Reference: View or Download
General College Information Section 1 view pdf file
Curriculum Sections 4, 5 view pdf file
Assessment Section 7 view pdf file
Candidate Training Plans Section 8 view pdf file
Preceptor, Supervisor roles,Board of Studies Section 9 view pdf file
Application for Candidacy Section 10 view pdf file
Management Practice Folio Pages 45-50, 53-54, 96, 154
Attachments 42, 43
view pdf file
Training Outcomes Sections 12, 13 view pdf file
Recognition of Prior Learning Pages 39, 54, 135-140 view pdf file
CEP Section 14 view pdf file
Appeals Pages 51-53 view pdf file
Candidate communication Pages 18, 72, 85-86 view pdf file
to download right click on link and select Save As

Membership of the Accreditation Panel is as follows:

  • Professor Andrew Coats
    (Chair), Deputy Vice Chancellor (Community), University of Sydney.
  • Dr Szu-Lynn Chan
    trainee from the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.
  • Mr Nino DiSisto
    Chief Executive Officer Berri Hospital and Riverlands Regional Health Service and Executive Director, Service Operations and Aged Care County Health South Australia.
  • Associate Professor Frank Fisher
    Director of the "Understandascope Program, Monash University. Professor Fisher is the nominated consumer member.
  • Associate Professor Andrew Smith
    University of Melbourne, Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Austin Hospital.
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Weller
    Program Director Postgraduate Clinical Education, Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education, Faculty of Medical and Health Science, University of Auckland and Specialist Anaesthetist, Auckland City Hospital
  • Dr Cam Bennet
    Chair of the Division of Medicines at Royal Brisbane Hospital in Brisbane and Senior Lecturer in Medecine at the University of Queensland.

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For more information on the accreditation process please contact Dr Karen Owen on +61 3 9824 4699 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Reaccreditation with Medical Council of New Zealand

The College is pleased to advise that at its meeting on 12 and 13 April 2011 the Medical Council of New Zealand reaccredited the RACMA program in New Zealand. The Council resolved that:

The RACMA be accredited until 31 December 2012. This will align Council’s accreditation schedule with that of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) so that the next accreditation process will be carried out jointly by the AMC and the Council.

Use the links below to view or download RACMA's Application for Reaccreditation with Medical Council of New Zealand.


Application for Reaccreditationview pdf file|download pdf file
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