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Victorian Registrar Training Positions
Reference 2017 Registrar Training Positions
Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Date Posted 01 July 2016
Location Victoria
Company Information RACMA
Job Description Applications to train in a Victorian health service as a RACMA medical administration registrar are now open.

If you are not an existing RACMA trainee: submit an expression of interest to RACMA
See http://racma.edu.au/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=383&Itemid=159.

The following medical administration registrar positions are available:

Name of Health ServiceAvailability
Austin HealthFilled
Barwon HealthFilled
Cabrini Health Filled
Epworth HealthCareFilled
La Trobe RegionalFilled
Medibank PrivateFilled
Mercy HospitalFilled
Monash HealthFilled
Northern HealthAvailable
Peter MacCallumFilled
Royal Children's HospitalFilled
St Vincent's PrivateFilled
Western HealthFilled
How to Apply For more information, contact:
The National Education and Training Program Manager, Ms Anna Lyubomirsky, ALyubomirsky@racma.edu.au or
The Victorian Jurisdictional Training Coordinator, Prof Erwin Loh, erwin.loh@monashhealth.org

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