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Research Training Program Advisory Group
Approval Date: August 2016
Review Date: August 2019
Review By: Education and Training Committee

1. Background and Rationale

The Research Training Program (RTP) Advisory Group is formed subsequent to a 4 year period of operations of the RTP (Implementation) Working Party. The RTP WP was set up originally to address the establishment of the RTP at RACMA with the aim to develop a Research Training Program Framework for learning in the competency of Scholar in line with the RACMA Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum.

In April 2016, after a review of the RTP and progression of the research training submissions, the WP recognised a need for transition to another form of governance under the leadership of a College appointed Dean of Research.

The College acknowledges that an RTP Advisory Group should continue to meet as required and advise on operational, implementation and research assessment related matters, and to monitor Candidates’ progression, provide original research ideas for research projects and quality of learning in the Research Training Program.

2. The role of the RTP Advisory group is to:
  • Provide advice and direction on operational and assessment related matter for the RTP and candidates undertaking the RTP either with RACMA or through University program
  • Provide support to the Dean of Research and the national office on RTP related matters, assessment of work (when required) and on Candidates’ issues in relation to their completion of RTP requirements
  • Contribute to the advice to Candidates on health research study

3. The role of the Chair - Dean of Research is to:
  • Provide advice to Candidates in their health research project
  • Provide advice to Candidates on the design and development of their research study
  • Lead the RTP meetings with the Candidates as part of the training requirements
  • Provide formative assessment on RTP tasks and submissions by the Candidates
  • Facilitate the Peer Assisted Learning at the Oral presentations as required
  • Develop best governance practices around feedback to the Candidates
  • Provide appropriate advice to the Candidates within the post-graduate environment
  • Work closely with the RTP Advisory Group and the National Office on RTP related tasks
  • Report to the Education and Training Committee (ETC) on the RTP outcomes

4. Membership

There are currently 4 Fellows in the Advisory group, including the Chair. The CEO will participate in the meetings and/or discussions by the RTP Advisory Group as needed.

The RTP Advisory Group will seek membership or participation from internal and external audience, to seek expertise in post-graduate assessment and research, and to add to the panel of assessors for the oral presentations and written work on research-based paper.

Members may also be co-opted for specific input: a Candidates Representative or a newly graduated Fellow can be called to take part in the discussions or for consultation purposes.

Panel members are appointed for 3 years with an option for extension beyond that period.

5. Reporting

The RTP Advisory Group will report to the ETC, with specific matters on assessment to be addressed and approved by BOC.

6. Meetings

The RTP Advisory Group will meet as required or as directed by the Chair, Dean of Research or at the request of the National Office if required.

7. Responsibilities

Members of the RTP Advisory Group will:
  • attend the meetings as advised and participate in the determination of any decisions/strategies that need to be addressed
  • take part in the assessment of Research written work, evaluation of credit application for RTP components and Oral Presentations as required
  • Provide support to the Dean of Research as required
  • Provide advice to the National Office staff on RTP related matters with the Candidates
  • Engage in the development of reports to the ETC or AMC as required

8. Guidelines

The RTP Advisory Group/RTP Assessors will utilise the following:
  • College RTP Handbook to guide its evaluation of progression, requirements and research learning for Candidates
  • Assessment rubrics developed for the RTP assessment tasks

9. Evaluation

The RTP Advisory Group will call for annual calibration of RTP papers to determine quality of learning and provide a written report to the ETC, and forward recommendations to the Board for approval in the event of strategic recommendations.

10. Related documents and procedures:

RTP Handbook
Policy for Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
RACMA Leadership and Management Curriculum
Fellowship Training Program Requirements

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