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The Quarterly 2014

It has been a busy year and one of change in the Education and Training Committee. The highlights include:

  1. In July 2014 the Board appointed me as the College’s inaugural Dean of Education to support and guide the College faculty and curriculum program. At the request of the Board I will lead a review of RACMA committees and their reporting structures. Changes will allow re-focusing of the Education and Training Committee on strategic issues. Various other committees and faculty panels will now focus on designing and advising on College training operations undertaken in collaboration with the National Office.
  2. Establishment of a Progression Panel in December 2013 to identify Candidates’ progression and those for whom additional support may be required. The Progression Committee comprises the Jurisdictional Co-ordinators of Training and is ably chaired by Dr Donna O’Sullivan.
  3. In July 2014 the College piloted a mid-year intake to the Fellowship and Associate Fellowship training programs. RACMA received 35 AFRACMA applications and 7 new Candidates commenced their Fellowship training on 1 July.
  4. The Commonwealth Department of Health has funded three specialist training posts in Tasmania this year.
  5. A most successful RACMA Faculty Education program has been delivered to support training of RACMA Supervisors, Preceptors and Jurisdictional Co-ordinators of Training. This follows the RACMA Board’s strategic priority to deliver a suite of high-quality training activities. External experts have been invited to support College faculty in discussions about key issues such as formative assessment.
  6. The Research Training Program continues to be rolled out. The 2012 Candidate cohort who commenced the program is nearing the end when oral presentations and the written paper assessments will be undertaken. 6 Candidates who commenced in 2012 and 2013 give oral presentations on their research-based case study at the Communication Workshop held 6-8 June. A further 4 Candidates gave oral presentations at the Pre-Fellowship Workshop held 31 July – 3 August.
  7. During the year new and revised policies and regulations were developed:
    • Cultural Capability in Practice
    • Processing Applications for Candidacy
    • Supervised Practice in the RACMA Fellowship Training Program
    • Regulation for Marking and Requesting an Extension for Written Work in the Fellowship Training Program
  8. The RACMA Pre-Fellowship Oral Exams were held in Melbourne on 22-23 March 2014, 11 Candidates via Standard Pathway and 12 Candidates via Accelerated Pathway presented for the exams. The overall pass rate was 61%, as 14 of 23 Candidates passed the exam and were elected to Fellowship this year.
  9. A second examination was held in November

    The Board of Censors conducted the November 2014 Pre-Fellowship Oral Examinations on 22- 23 November 2014, with 32 Candidates having presented for this exam (16 AP and 16 SP). Overall pass-rate was 59.38%, with 19 having passed the oral examination. The Board of Censors carries a significant work load and the contribution of examiners and assessors of written work throughout the year is significant. The College thanks them for their tireless contribution and is grateful for the support of the National office staff for making these events as smooth and so well organised for the Candidates and Censors.
  10. The successful INTERACT webinar series continues to demonstrate that webinars covering contemporary and engaging topics bring RACMA Candidates and Fellows together. The INTERACT webinars are accessible on the RACMA website and have been augmented with the inclusion of quizzes associated with each of the presentations.
  11. Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI) - the Board approved a proposal to establish a Teaching and Learning Institute within the College to focus on the delivery of professional development programs for Fellows and AFRACMA. A governance structure will shortly be established to further develop the TLI concept in time for implementation from 2015.
  12. RACMA Practical Leadership Series - In July this year RACMA launched a new professional development program in Tasmania, aimed at sustaining quality CPD programs for practitioners. The launch was attended by 36 clinicians, medical leaders, CPD coordinators, GPs and medical practitioners from across Tasmania, and held at the University of Tasmania’s Medical Precinct.
  13. RHCE Edgy Debates Webinars - In 2014 RACMA delivered a series of online webinars on contemporary topics called the E-dgy Issues Program, as part of the Rural Health Continuing Education (RHCE) Program.

Professor Gavin Frost
Dean of Education

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators
Professor Gavin Frost, , p726
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