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The Quarterly 2014

Among our strongest achievements is the collegiality in the College. Members continue to engage in advising, developing and delivering the various education and training programs of the College, from College governance at national and jurisdictional levels, to promoting the specialty and supporting Candidates through to Fellowship.

This support has helped RACMA to grow its membership which in turn contributes to the College substantially. We continue to fine tune our programs and refresh our skill sets throughout 2014. The AMC has recognised this and granted us accreditation until 2018.

RACMA is strengthening its presence through consistently improving quality, and through selecting issues on which to voice opinion on areas of workforce and governance.

While still a very small College in comparison to others, there is a strong sense of commitment and direction. Through the President, Dr Lee Gruner, RACMA has a voice at the Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges and Dr David Sage at the New Zealand Council of Medical Colleges. The highly successful 2014 Annual conference brought together record numbers of participants to join in plenary discussions, workshops, networking and celebrations.

The RACMA Fellowship training program is not a ‘soft touch’ and has evolved into a rigorous program of study and rich experience. I have been fortunate to experience some early Candidate research case study presentations and know we are on track to make significant contributions to knowledge about what medical administrators do.

A further contribution was made this year through our World Federation of Medical Managers (WFMM) project. Seven papers from around the world, including three from Australia were published in a special issue of the Leadership in Health Services journal. We received far more than was possible to publish. My thanks to Emeritus Professor Graham Dickson (Royal Roads University) who assisted with this project, and to all the authors, published or yet to be published. The WFMM is planning its next International Medical Leaders Forum in Hong Kong on 20 May 2015. You may wish to join us and come for the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Convention on the 18 & 19 May. This will be a huge event.

The e-version of The Quarterly has continued throughout the year with many thanks to Dino DeFazio. Without Dino, there is much that would not be possible.

The strength of the College continues to be its capacity to change. In 2015 I look forward to the development of a new program of professional development activities designed as part of our evolving education strategy. These activities will address the spectrum of medical management and leadership competencies. RACMA believes this is the way to continue to support all with an interest management and leadership and underpin a great system of healthcare.

Take a break and recharge for 2015.

Dr Karen Owen
Chief Executive

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators
Dr Karen Owen, , p722
www.racma.edu.au /index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=722&Itemid=415