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The Quarterly 2014

RACMA continues to thrive and make improvements in both governance and operations.

Governance activities:

Changes to Board Directors

Board meetings are well attended by all members and discussion is always thoughtful and lively. This year we welcomed Paul Eleftheriou as our Candidate Board Member and Sara Watson and Annette Pantle as our Fellows on the Board. Sally Tideman resigned as Chair of Education and Training and Dr Stephen Ayre was selected to fill the casual vacancy by a Board Panel. Dr Draginja Kasap has completed her term as Chair Finance and Audit. She has retired from the Board and been replaced by Dr Humsha Naidoo after a very close election.

On behalf of the Board I would like to sincerely thank Draginja for the superlative effort she has put into ensuring not only that our finances are in order and effectively monitored and governed, but also for her leadership of financial strategy which has contributed significantly to our firm financial footing.

Board Performance review

This year we undertook our biennial performance review with an external facilitator who developed a tool, which she analysed and used to develop recommendations. These have been discussed by the Board and actions implemented to improve Board effectiveness. One of the areas the Board is progressing is an annual review of performance of Fellows in senior officer positions.

Proposed constitutional change

As it is now four years since our new constitution was adopted, the time has come for evaluation. We have had a number of sessions with our legal advisors at DLA Piper and they have developed a draft document which is out for consultation. As part of the consultation process, the CEO and I are visiting the jurisdictions to obtain face to face feedback. We have visited South Australia and New South Wales, have a visit planned to WA and hope also to visit Queensland later in the year. Karen has also presented the proposed changes in New Zealand.

We welcome comments and submissions from individual fellows about the proposed changes. The proposed changes will be confirmed in a document following the consultation process and be voted on by the membership in 2015.

Board strategic plan

The strategic plan was developed for 2014 to 2016, using a facilitated process and the key result areas relate to Policy, Advocacy, Courses and Expansion. Our key aims are to promote the skills of the college and raise the college profile. This is occurring in a number of ways including meeting with key people in government and developing papers that will be of value to the health system. A paper in progress relates to a guide for credentialing and scope of practice processes aimed at assisting our Fellows and Associate Fellows who run these committees. We anticipate finalisation of this document in October.

Another strategy has been to involve consumers in some of our key committees and we now have consumers on the ETC, CEP and Training Committees. This initiative has already made a difference to our perspectives in education activities.

Other strategic initiatives relating to education include the appointment of Professor Gavin Frost as our first Dean of Education and the proposed establishment of a Learning and Teaching Institute which will focus on professional development programs for our members.

Hong Kong College of Community Medicine

We are pleased to announce an agreement to renew our MOU with the HKCCM and will continue to attend meetings in Hong Kong, examine candidates and run workshops for candidates as well as sharing knowledge and experience. This has been a very valuable relationship and this year the chair of the faculty in Hong Kong is Professors Fung Hong, one of our Fellows.

Operational activities:

Training and Education

This continues to be our raison d’etre and the area where most of our staff spend their time. The training arena remains dynamic with ongoing challenges and areas for improvement, ensuring that we continue to meet the educational needs of those taking on a career in professional medical management.

There has been considerable discussion about the accelerated pathway and how well this meets the needs of senior clinicians in Australia and New Zealand. This has resulted in the confirmation of three pathways to Fellowship:
  • Standard pathway for non-specialists
  • Medical Executive pathway for those with senior management experience and to be implemented in 2015
  • Clinical specialist/ Senior advisor pathway for clinicians who are very senior with at least 5 years specialist experience and holding senior advisor of clinical leadership roles
In 2013/14 we welcomed 14 new FRACMA and 53 new AFRACMAs into the college.

Continuing professional development

This continues to be discussed with a view to making the process more robust and revalidation ready. Categories for CEP have been expanded and there is further discussion about which aspects should be mandatory each three years. Certificates are provided annually by email.

Clinician manager/ leader activities continue to run successfully in Australia and New Zealand. In addition the clinical leadership program funded by the Commonwealth was launched in July by the Chief Medical Officer and activities have commenced. There will be a variety of activities including face to face and webinars.

World Federation of Medical Managers

A number of us attended a very successful conference in the UK, with a focus on revalidation and NHS strategy. As the MOU is to end in 2015, a review of mission and objectives is underway to develop a new MOU including ways to continue funding activities.


The college staff continues to do a sterling job under the leadership of our CEO, both in college training operations, support of the Board and in the projects which are key underwriting college activities. Many of them work over and above the call of duty and their efforts are much appreciated by all of us who rely on them to keep the college functioning.

Dr Lee Gruner
RACMA President

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators
Dr Lee Gruner, , p721
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