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The Quarterly 2014

I am pleased to support the first edition of The Quarterly for 2014. It provides an opportunity to share with members some of the strategies planned over the next 12 months, aimed at strengthening the college and providing enhanced services for members.

This is the 35th year of RACMA and over the past five years we have seen the college flourish in educational activities, improve in finances and governance and begin to increase its membership after a long hiatus. The 2014/2015 year will also be part of our continuous improvement journey.

The Board has had a number of discussions with our legal advisors about our constitution and particularly about Board membership. We believe that it is important that the college is able to have an appropriate Board to lead it into the future and ensure that the college is not only sustainable but can continue to thrive and deliver high quality member services and support. Our discussions have led us in the direction of a skills based board which will follow the corporate governance model of most organisations in Australia. The plan is to increase non- medical members to two and to elect Board members who have complementary skills and knowledge to build and monitor the strategy. The Board itself would elect a chair and deputy and chairs of key committees. For casual vacancies, skills would be assessed and an appointment made based on the gaps left by departing members.

Over time, much of the formality surrounding the jurisdictions has disappeared and in many of our jurisdictions the committees have changed their roles and meet less frequently. The position of Jurisdictional Training Coordinator has become of paramount importance to support our candidates and this person often bears a heavy workload.  It is important that jurisdictions feed into the Board their specific issues, but there are many models that will allow this to occur and jurisdictions can decide for themselves what model suits them best. The Board has agreed that meeting with jurisdictions on their own territory is a better way of imparting and gaining information and this will be the role of the Board Chair and Deputy and CEO.

Understanding the workload of some of our key college fellows including JTCs, the Board has discussed and in principle agreed that we need to consider honoraria for this work. This of course means that there will be accountability in the roles and an assessment of performance to justify payment. Consideration is being given to honoraria for key committees, preceptors and coaches and others where the workload these individuals carry   for the college is significant.

RACMA is also very proud of its membership as many people in responsible and high flying positions are Fellows or Associate Fellows. Over the past five years the college has enhanced its reputation, but there is still a long way to go. All of us do sterling work in our own organisation, but we are uniquely placed to provide advice and strategy for the health system as a whole. We need to do this as groups of FRACMAs and AFRACMAs under the college banner to have a real impact and we are in the process of setting up a number of groups to write papers on topics of value to the health system as a whole. We invite those who wish to contribute to this important work to contact the college and offer their services. It is intended that the membership will provide the intellectual input and a writer will be employed to do the hard yards.

These are simply three of the conversations that the Board has been engaged in over the past six months. As a Board we intend to become more strategic. We now have a critical mass of staff who provide the operational support that we need and we can safely leave operations to our professional staff, while we plan the future, oversee our finances and strategy and ensure our continued success with you, the membership at the forefront of our minds.
Lee Gruner
RACMA President

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators
Dr Lee Gruner, , p689
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