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The Quarterly 2014

National Candidate Document Repository

Dialogue is underway with RACMA Head Office to establish a candidate document repository for utilisation by all candidates in their aspiration to become a Fellow. The intention is to collate a central point for tutorial materials, legislation, medicolegal updates etc. State specific documents will have their individual folders but candidates will be able to benefit from the collective knowledge of colleagues. The aim is to maximise our resources and achieve more informed, motivated and collegial Fellows that seek excellence in continuous learning.

Preceptor/Supervisor Awards for 2014

All candidates should receive an email with attached nomination forms to allow them to consider nominating their supervisor or preceptor for the recognition of being outstanding in their supporting role. Please note the tight nomination window of 7 July to 5 August 2014.

Candidate Tutorials

Efforts are underway to provide a date/time for State tutorials being held across NZ and Australia. This will allow those candidates that do not have any formal tutorials to opt in, and the tutorial material to hopefully be uploaded to the National Candidate Document Repository for the benefit of those who could not attend a particular topic.

Candidate Session at RACMA Conference 2014

Preparations are moving towards a candidate session at the conference this year. This will be an additional session offered to the programme and be candidate focussed as well as an opportunity to network among peers. Further details will be disseminated soon.

Communications with CAC (your Candidate Advisory Committee)

All candidates can bring issues, ideas and possible solutions to CAC through their State CAC representative. CAC welcomes any feedback and will endeavour to provide feedback to you individually or en masse to keep us all informed.
Dr Grant Rogers
Chair, Candidates Advisory Committee

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators
Dr Grant Rogers, , p684
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