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Dear Editor,

The article by Dr Lee Gruner “Clinician Engagement: Change the language, change the outcome” reflects on the current situation of the relationship between Doctors and managers in Healthcare Organizations. This article was published in the April 2012 edition of The Quarterly1
Dr Lee Gruner has very aptly described that a good Health Organization cannot become an outstanding one unless doctors are fully involved. I have seen this myself in my Organization where our Chief Executive officer is a doctor and having a doctor amongst the other executives is vital for the progress of a healthcare organization. Clinical work can be improved by the application of management techniques, and management would benefit from more clinical leadership 2.

Organisational values needs to go beyond just being on paper. True engagement of Doctors and Managers will have to be developed around the core values of an organisation.

As cited by the author, building a partnership between doctors and managers is vital to an organization. This can only be effective in the long run if there is consistency in the internal communication. The presence of confident and efficient Medical leaders will bridge the gap between Managers and Doctors. Doctors must develop a wide range of leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours during their training if they are to be effective practitioners and leaders within their organisations. Vitally this includes ‘followership 3

Physicians and managers need to learn about and learn from each other. If they do so, their differences can become strengths 4

Hence I firmly believe and agree with the author that a collaborative effort from a healthy partnership between Doctors and Managers is vital for the success of a Healthcare Organization to achieve high standards in quality of Patient care

Dr Anand Ponniraivan
RACMA Candidate

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The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators
Dr Anand Ponniraivan, , p683
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