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Cultural Capability in Practice - Welcomes and Acknowledgements
Approval Date: September 2013
Last reviewed September 2016
Review Date: Under Review
Review By: Board

1. Context

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators acknowledges that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia, the Maori peoples of New Zealand and the indigenous peoples of countries where our members live and work, have special ties to the land and country, as well as specific legal rights of traditional ownership.

2. Policy

RACMA will acknowledge, in culturally appropriate ways, the traditional ownership and continuing links to country of the people indigenous to the region, whenever official public events of the College occur.

3. Procedure

Responsible Officer

The College Officer convening an official public event of the College, including but not limited to the Annual Conference, the Langford and Cilento Oration or any International meeting hosted by RACMA.

Duties of Responsible Officer

The Responsible Officer shall consult with local representatives in the host region / city to establish the identity and nature of elders and traditional owner groups in that region.

Together with local representatives, the Responsible Officer will identify a mechanism consistent with local practice and societal norms for the region to acknowledge and pay respect to elders and traditional owner groups.   This may include and is not limited to:
  • Invitation to elders and traditional owner groups to consider conferring a "welcome to country" or other culturally relevant ceremony such as the powhiri.
  • Invitation to local indigenous cultural groups to provide a brief ceremony.
  • Formal acknowledgement by the Chair or Master of Ceremonies at the commencement of the event.
Where ceremony is the preferred method, consideration shall be given in the budget for the event to a funding allocation to recompense local indigenous groups who may be invited to assist.

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