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RACMA Education and Training Committee
Approved by: RACMA Board
Date: 20 March 2015
Review: January 2016

The Education and Training Committee (ETC) provides advice to the Board on the strategic directions and development of the educational activities of the College including the Fellowship Training Program (FTP) and the Continuing Education Program (CEP).

The ETC will define its terms of reference in line with the strategic directions and priorities of the RACMA Board and submit them to the Board for its approval. For the period 2014-2016 these priorities are outlined in the PACE Strategic Plan and developed in the 2014 Faculty Strategic Workshop. The ETC will endorse the terms of reference of its sub-committees and submit these to the Board for approval.

The Committee Chair will be appointed by the Board.

Other members
  • Censor in Chief
  • Chair of the Continuing Education Program Committee
  • Dean of Education and Chair of the Curriculum Committee
  • RACMA Research Fellow
  • Three Fellows with expertise relating to the ETC strategic work plan
  • One Candidate representative
  • Associate Fellow representative
  • One external community representative with expertise in education and training.
  • Co-opted external members with specific expertise to support projects.

Role and responsibilities:
The Education and Training Committee will:

  • Make recommendations to the Board on strategic priorities relating to the Committee’s portfolio
  • Make recommendations to the Board on any issues affecting policy and procedure which relate to the College’s training, assessment and CEP programs
  • Document an annual strategic education and training plan for the Board.
  • Report to the Board on progress and outcomes of the outcomes of the annual strategic education and training plan
  • Consult with internal and external stakeholders on all projects and for evaluation processes
  • Monitor research into medical management and medical education ensuring this research informs the College education and training programs.
  • Evaluating the Fellowship Training Program and conduct benchmarking activities nationally and internationally
  • Refer proposals with resource implications to the Finance and Audit Committee ahead of any recommendations to the RACMA Board.
  • Facilitate provision and dissemination of appropriate information to constituent groups of the College community
  • Request and obtain information relevant to College’s education and training affairs from any committee, or officer of the College
  • Ratify recommendations from subcommittees including the acceptance of new candidates into the college training program

The Education and Training Committee will report to the Board via the Chair.

The Education and Training Committee will meet quarterly, or as required. The ETC will hold extra-ordinary meetings via circulation for specific purposes such as ratification of membership, exam results and matters requiring urgent endorsement.

Meetings will normally be conducted by teleconference provided one face to face meeting per year is conducted – where the ETC will auspice an annual strategic workshop for College faculty.

Strategic Priorities
1. With the consent of the Board, the Committee will form expert working groups to advise and assist it in the exercise of its strategic projects. The strategic priorities include:
  • Revalidation
  • Professionalism
  • Graduate Outcomes
  • Curriculum structure and delivery; i.e. modularisation, use of technology/ICT
  • National and Jurisdictional syllabi development and alignment
  • College Faculty development
  • Medical management practice (MMP)
  • Assessment and progression.
  • Maintenance of accreditation of the RACMA Fellowship Training program
2. Sub –committees
Standing sub committees under the RACMA Constitution are:
  • Board of Censors
  • CEP Committee
The minutes of the meetings of these committees will be received by the Education and Training Committee and any recommendations therein considered.

The Education and Training Committee will review its performance and the performance of its subcommittees against their annual plans and strategic priorities. The ETC will review its ToR and those of its sub-committees annually at the beginning of the academic year.

Each six months the Chair Education and Training will meet with the Board President to discuss progress on the strategic education and training plan.

Quorum will comprise 5 Committee members including the Chair, where the majority always must be Fellows.

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