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RACMA Advocacy and Policy Committee (APC)

1. Scope

The Advocacy and Policy Committee (APC) is a subcommittee of the RACMA Board. It develops an annual advocacy and policy development plan for approval by the Board, and it has delegated authority of the Board to oversee implementation this plan by the Chief Executive. The plan identifies critical areas for RACMA's advocacy and policy engagement, including federal government health services policy, patient risk and safety and the role of medical leadership in development of the Australian and New Zealand health systems.

The annual Advocacy and Policy Plan will take into account the following:
  1. Developing and supporting RACMA’s health policy research, analysis and development
  2. Mobilising College Members for RACMA public policy interventions
  3. Building RACMA’s capacity for advocacy.
  4. Ensuring active support for doctors in management and leadership.
  5. Building stakeholder and community awareness in health system reform issues.
  6. Building effective working relationships with organisations within and outside the Australian and New Zealand health systems.
  7. Increasing RACMA's influence on Australian health system policy development.
  8. Strengthening RACMA’s leadership role in building the capability and capacity of the health sector.
  9. Contributing to build a credible RACMA voice for development of health services both within Australasia and internationally

2. Membership

Members of the Advocacy and Policy Committee representatives will be nominated and approved by the Board.

There will be six committee members. Membership will include:
  • The RACMA President and two other Board members, one of whom is the non-RACMA Board member;
  • Three other Fellows chosen by Expression of Interest
  • The RACMA Chief Executive is an ex officio member

3. Accountability

The APC is established under Clause 4 (Objects) and under Clause 12.5 (Committees) of the RACMA Constitution and the Board policy Development of Policy, Section 6.

The APC will:
  1. operate in accordance with this terms of reference approved by the RACMA Board;
  2. keep minutes of its meetings, and provide a copy of such minutes to the RACMA Chief Executive;
  3. provide reports to the RACMA Board on their activities, as and when requested;
  4. seek the prior approval of the Board before inviting any representative of an external organisation to attend meetings of, or otherwise participate in, the Committee; notify the RACMA Chief Executive of the place and time of proposed meetings of the Committee;
  5. provide copies to the Chief Executive of all draft documents produced by the working group which may have policy implications, for approval by the Board before the final document is produced and before any such document is released or published; and
  6. provide copies to the Chief Executive of other papers, reports or other formal documents that the Committees or working groups produce from time to time.

4. Evaluation

The APC will annually review its performance and provide a written summary of its activities to the Board.

5. Quorum

50% of full time Committee members, provided always there is a majority of Fellows, will constitute a quorum for meetings of the APC.

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