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RACMA members who voluntarily represent RACMA on a range of external boards, committees, working and advisory groups, or consultation processes.

Emergency Care Institute (NSW) Research Advisory Committee
2013 RACMA Representative - Dr Michael Golding

Indigenous Health Portal and online programs
2012 - 2015 RACS Steering Committee - Dr Tony Austin

Australasian Clinical Indicator Report 2004-2011
Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, Advisory role - Dr Peter Bradford

Thank you to Dr Stephen Golding and Dr Tony Sara for participating in the AMA and NeHTA's consultation day on Monday 6 February 2012 from 10am to 4pm in Sydney to provide a medical administration perspective in the preparation of an Essential Guide to using a shared electronic health record for medical practitioners.

Health Workforce Australia
National Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategic Framework for Action 2011 – 2015 and Background Paper.

The Framework has been designed to provide an overarching, national platform that will guide future health workforce policy and planning in Australia. It sets out key priority areas and five essential domains that create the foundation for an integrated, high performing workforce fit to meet Australia’s health care needs.

The Framework and accompanying Background Paper are now available on the HWA website: www.hwa.gov.au/wir/strategy. Hard copies are also available by request via the website.

HWA worked with RACMA representatives to develop the Framework. Thank you to all of our RACMA representatives that were involved in this process.

Medical Board of Australia - Opportunity to comment
Definition of "practice"
Consultation paper
The Medical Board of Australia is currently consulting on the definition of practice currently used in a number of the Board’s registration standards.

Thank you to comments that have been provided from:
Dr Helen McArdle
Dr Richenda Webb
Dr Dell Hood
Dr Mary Boyd Turner

Victorian Forum
22 November 2011

Thank you to our RACMA representatives in:
Dr Susan Sdrinis
Dr Grant Phelps

Australian Health Informatics Education Council
- Dr Tony Sara

Rural and Remote Health Workforce Innovation and Reform (RRHWIR) Strategy
Health Workforce Australia
Adelaide 6 September Dianne Barrington, Sally Tideman
Port Augusta 7 September Nes Lian Lloyd
Warrnambool 12 September Peter OBrien
Melbourne 15 September Ian Graham, Susannah Ahern
Hobart 26 September Ross Lamplugh
Sydney 29 September Claire Blizard
Jo Karnaghan
Helen Parsons
John Campbell
Nadarajah Ramesh
Bronwen Ross
Katherine 10 October Vino Sathianthan
Perth 18 October Sue Phillips

Rural medical management workforce
Consultancy with DLA Piper for the Department of Health (Vic)
- Bronwen Ross
Peter Trye
Gabrielle du Preez Wilkinson
Andrew Robertson
Robyn Lawrence
Sally Tideman
Allan Pelkowitz
Stevie Chan
Nes Lian Lloyd

Indigenous Health Portal and online programs
RACS Steering Committee
- Dr John Menzies

Elective Surgery & Emergency Department Targets & the National Access Guarantee Consultation
Teleconference with Professor Chris Baggoley, CE of ACSQHC and DOHA.
Sydney 7 June Dr Roger Boyd
Dr Peter Renshaw
Dr Amanda Dines
Dr Colin Meyers
Dr Nadarajah Ramesh

Health Workforce Australia Innovation and Reform Strategic Framework Consultations
Broome 13 May Dr Sharon Miskell
Canberra 18 May Dr Allan Pelkowitz
Dr Mary Boyd Turner
Dr Rod Lambert
Dr Elizabeth OLeary

Consumer & Clinician Roundtable Discussion
25 May Dr Tony Sara

Lead Clinicians Groups Consultation Process – Department of Health Australia
Round table discussions
Sydney 29 April Dr Tony Sara
A/Prof Eugenia Pedagogos
Canberra 2 May Dr Elizabeth Rushbrook
Dr Rod Lambert
Dr Michael Walsh
Workshop discussions
Western Sydney 19 April Dr Tony Sara
Adelaide 20 April Dr Philip Hoyle
Brisbane 20 April Dr Richard Ashby
Dr Gabrielle du Preez-Wilkinson
Hobart 21 April Dr Helen McArdle
Perth 21 April Dr Mark Platell
Darwin 29 April Dr Katherine Tindall
Dr Vino Sathianathan

Australasian Clinical Indicator Report 2003-2010 – Australian Council on Healthcare Standards
Advisory role Dr Peter Bradford

Enhancing Rural Health Outcome Measurement – Royal Australasian College of Physicians
Steering Committee member Dr Nadarajah Ramesh

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators
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