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24.05.2017 1st Australasian Diagnostic Error in Medicine Conference 2017
further information: Conference Secretariat, info@ausdem2017.com, improvediagnosis.site-ym.com
15.06.2017 RACMA Winter Professional Development Forum
further information: Annika Hofsink, annika@laevents.com.au, www.racmacme.com.au
26.06.2017 NO MORE HARM CONFERENCE Bullying, Harassing and Discriminating Behaviour Solutions
further information: 5502 2068, training@no2bullying.org.au, no2bullying.org.au
20.09.2017 AIDA Conference 2017
further information: conference@aida.org.au, aida.org.au
21.09.2017 Gold Coast – Vanuatu Medical Association Conference 2017
further information: gcma.org.au
18.10.2017 RACMA Spring Professional Development Forum & ASM 2017
further information: Annika Hofsink, annika@laevents.com.au, www.racmaconference.com.au
11.04.2018 2nd International Selection in the Health Professions Conference
further information: Mati Chinyanda, MIHCE-inquiries@monash.edu

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