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The In-Training Performance (ITP) Report is a reporting tool to review the Candidate’s work experience and progress toward attainment of RACMA’s medical management competencies. Candidates are required to submit two ITA reports per year of training (June & November).

Following a review of the log of activities and achievements, Candidates and Supervisors are expected to identify performance in each learning objective, based on the descriptors: 'novice', 'intermediate', 'competent' and 'proficient'. There is a colummn for 'not applicable' to accommodate those 'specialty' rotations/posts in which certain opportunities may not be available or may not have been able to be accessed by the Candidate. This is important for explanation for possible lack of progress in a Domain and consideration for Annual Training Plans across the duration of the candidacy.

Time in Supervised Practice (TiSP) Section
The purpose of this form is to establish Candidates' duration in supervised Medical Management Practice during their training, and to ensure it is in alignment with the requirements of the RACMA Fellowship Training Program.

Candidates in the RACMA Fellowship Training Program via the Standard Pathway are required to complete a minimum of an equivalent of three years full time supervised Medical Management experience in a College accredited training post.

Note: The academic year is defined as 47 weeks and aligned with the AHPRA & Medical Board of Australia (MBA) definition (July 2011) - www.ahpra.gov.au The Candidate must complete the 47 weeks (one academic year) within a period of no more than 2 years. This period excludes annual/extended sick leave but may include up to two weeks of professional development leave.

If you experience difficulties completing the In-Training Performance Report forms or require any assistance please contact RACMA National Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or +61 3 9824 4699.

1. Process
  • The Candidate will download the new ITP Report template and the 3 attachments (optional for 2018) from the College website
  • The Candidate will review his/her training progress with their Supervisor
  • The Candidate will complete the downloaded ITP Report template and forward it directly to the Supervisor
  • The Supervisor completed the ITP report and forward this to the Preceptor for review
  • The Preceptor will identify any progression related issues such as gaps and deficiencies and provide suggestions to address these issues on the report for incorporation into the next year's Annual Training Plan
  • The Preceptor forwards the ITP Report to the Candidate
  • The Candidate submits the completed ITP Report to the College Office via the current electronic Evidence of Training Portfolio (eETP)

2. Responsibilities
  • The Candidate is responsible for timely submission of the ITP report, and for initiating arrangements for the review on a six monthly basis with Supervisor, and for ensuring that the completed Report is submitted to College via the eETP
  • The Supervisor will conduct the review with the Candidate
  • The Preceptor will discuss the review with the Supervisor and Candidate (if required)
  • The Jurisdictional Coordinator of Training will review the ITP report as part of the bi-annual review conducted by the RACMA Training Progress Committee.
*The role of the RACMA Training Progress Committee is to monitor Candidates’ progression and to identify Candidates at risk and develop recommendations for remediation. The Panel reports to the Education Training Committee.

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