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In 2012, the College strengthened its training in health services evaluation research. This was a commitment in the Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum supporting and building on the continuing requirement of Candidates to complete a written case study for assessment and an oral presentation. Further, the RACMA Research Training Program (RTP) builds on Candidates Masters' degree studies in epidemiology.

In summary, the RACMA RTP brings together the following requirements:
  • University Masters' degree studies in: Epidemiology and Research Methodology/Methods
  • Participation in Introduction to Health Services Evaluation Research Webinar
  • Completion of a 500 word (maximum) Health Services Evaluation Research Webinar Assessment Task
  • Submission of National Ethics Application Form (NEAF) for review and advice on the suitability of the chosen topic for research
  • Conduct of a research project in the workplace context and utilising health services evaluation research methodology and methods. This research project must be in the medical administration context of health services evaluation research.
  • Satisfactory completion of an Oral Presentation of the research in progress or completed Research
  • Submission of the Research-based Case Study paper (4000 -10000 words)
Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the RTP are designed to allow Candidates to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills in undertaking research in the specialty of medical administration.

Candidates will demonstrate their competence to:
  • Identify and define a significant issue relevant to the practice of medical administration such as health services delivery, best practice or clinical governance
  • Undertake a collection of relevant and current information about that issue
  • Analyse, interpret and discuss this information in the appropriate health service evaluation research practice
  • Draw conclusions and make recommendations relating to the issue identified, and
  • Write and present a research paper.
The RTP refers to the role competency of Scholar as defined in the College's Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum Document: www.racma.edu.au/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_view&gid=1077

The RTP Handbook outlines the College's Research Training Program and sets guidelines for assessment tasks, procedures and resources to help Candidates.

RACMA Research Training Program Handbookview pdf file
All Candidates in the Fellowship Training Program will have to complete the RACMA Research Training Program (RTP) with the exception of those in Medical Executive (ME) Pathway.

Please refer to the Annual Training Calendar for key training and assessment submission dates.

Candidates wishing to clarify RTP requirements are encouraged to contact the Fellowship Training Program (FTP) Coordinator at the RACMA National Office (Tel. 03 98244699).

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