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Marking and Requesting an Extension for Written Work in the Fellowship Training Program
Approval Date: June 2013
Review Date: June 2016
Review By: Board of Censors and Education & Training Committee

1. Background

The Fellowship Training Program requires a number of written tasks to be satisfactorily completed. These may be formative and/or summative. It is in the best interests of the Candidate to complete all tasks. The College will advise which tasks MUST be completed before eligibility to the Pre-Fellowship Examination.

Examples of written tasks which must be satisfactorily completed:

  • Annual Training Plan/In-training Assessment Reports
  • Case Study Proposal (Management Case Study and/or Research-based Case Study)
  • Case Study Paper, and
  • Other formative tasks including
    • Letter to the Editor
    • Ministerial Briefing
    • Reflective Journal Writing pieces
The ability to meet scheduled timelines is considered an important professional skill for a medical manager and leader.

2. Purpose

This Regulation outlines the circumstances under which a Candidate may be granted extra time to submit written work for assessment and applies to all Candidates.

3. Procedure

  1. Candidates should obtain a copy the task completion and assessment guidelines.
  2. Candidates will submit items for assessment by the due date as indicated on the website and/or as instructed by the College.

    To assist Candidates submit tasks for assessment on time, the National Office undertakes the following:
    • The annual RACMA Training Calendar is prepared to inform Candidates about the due date for College-based training requirements. The calendar is prepared well in advance and approved by the Training Committee.  This calendar is on the College website and it is also sent to all Candidates.
    • The National Office will send two reminders, one month in advance, to the relevant cohort of the pending due date for the submission of a particular written work requirement, and one reminder a week after the due date to those who have not submitted.
    • Candidates are provided with an electronic tool which is to be used to submit written tasks. This tool is accessible on the College website. All tasks submitted in this way comprise evidence of the Candidate’s work.
    • The National Office notifies all Candidates of receipt of written work once it is uploaded via the eETP with the College. This is an automated process and has proven to be effective. In cases where the written work is sent directly to the National Office via email, a reply by the designated officer at the College will be sent to the candidate.
  3. Candidates may request an extension of time for an assessment. The request must be in writing using the Application for Extension for Assessment Form and sent to the National Education and Training Program Manager in the National Office no later than 2 weeks before the due date for an assessment.

    The College will respond to requests for extensions within 48 hours and will endeavour to support Candidates who can demonstrate exceptional circumstances allowing for an extension on the submission of work.

    The College acknowledges there may be special last minute exceptional situations. It is the College's view that Candidates should be preparing assessment tasks well in advance and not in the last few days before the submission date. Where a Candidate can demonstrate 'last minute' difficulties they should immediately telephone the National Education and Training Program Manager in the National Office and outline the circumstances. The College will consider such requests on a case by case basis.
  4. Candidates must specify a valid reason for his/her request for an Extension such as:
    1. on medical grounds – in which case the College will consider the request only if an appropriate medical certificate has been submitted; or
    2. non-medical grounds – in which case the Candidate may be required to supply such additional evidence as the College considers appropriate in the circumstances.
  5. It is the Candidate’s responsibility to keep a copy of written work submitted for assessment and to produce that duplicate upon request if, for whatever reason, the original is lost or misplaced.

    Should candidates be required to provide evidence of compliance with due dates, a postal date receipt, successful sent email receipt, successful sent fax receipt, or eETP dated record (wherein user information is automatically captured and the date and time of a submission is automatically time stamped) will be acceptable.
  6. The College CEO may dismiss the application for extension, if it is deemed that the circumstances outlined in the Candidate's application are not deemed as appropriate or as acceptable for granting an extension
  7. If the application for extension is approved by the National Office, in liaison with the Censor in Chief or delegate e.g. Censor for Case Studies, then a new due date must be set for the "extended due date".
  8. If the application for extension is not approved and the candidate is notified accordingly, and the specified due date is breached anyway, the College will impose a penalty for late submission.

4. Extensions

Requests for Extensions should be sent to the National Office. Requests for extension should be made on the relevant College template and sent to the Fellowship Training Program Administrator.
  1. Formative Written Tasks

    Requests for extensions to the due date must be made at least two weeks prior to the due date. Extensions may be granted for reasons of illness or other serious personal or professional problems. Extensions will not usually be granted beyond one week.

    As the Reflective Journal involves an iterative writing process over a period of at least 4 weeks, extensions will only be granted in cases where documented and compelling evidence is provided of long term illness or personal crisis, which preclude the person from undertaking or attending their usual employment.

    Appropriate supporting documentation must be provided (such as a medical certificate) for all requests for extension. A reply will be forwarded to the Candidate within 48 hours.
  2. Written Case Study

    The Case Study proposal and final written paper and re-write (If required) must be submitted by the due dates. The case study proposal and written paper cannot be successfully completed in a short time.

    In the case of a case study proposal an extension must be requested at least four weeks prior to the due date for submission.

    In the case of the final Management Case Study paper (3000 words) an extension must be requested at least one month prior to the due date for submission.

    In the case of the final Research-based Case Study paper (6000 -10,000 words) an extension must be requested at least three months prior to the due date for submission.

    Requests for extension should be accompanied by commentary from the Preceptor or Executive Coach. A reply will be forwarded to the Candidate within 48 hours.

    If granted an extension, a copy of the notification should be attached to the Cover Sheet of the Candidate’s written assignment.

5. Late Submissions

Except in extraordinary circumstances at the time of submission, e.g. sudden flood, power loss or very short notice deployment, written tasks submitted after the due date (either the original due date or the extended date, as applicable) without prior approval will incur consequences.

Possible penalties for late submission for assessment will apply:
  1. The piece of assessment will be assessed as if it were submitted on the due date (or extended due date if applicable), but 10 percent per calendar day of the mark the Candidate would have obtained will be deducted for every calendar day that the submission of the assessment exceeds the due date (or the extended due date if applicable).

    Issue: All marking (formative and summative) to be scored first before grading
  2. No piece of assessment will be marked or awarded a grade if the piece of assessment is submitted more than five days after the due date (or extended due date if applicable) and the Candidate will be awarded a mark of "0" and grade "US" for that piece of assessment.
The Chair of the ETC retains discretion to waive or modify the penalties imposed as listed above if the Candidate can provide compelling and legitimate reasons for the late submission, non-submission of assessment, or the failure to participate in a prescribed activity.

The decision of the College with respect to the request for extension or penalty for late submission is final.

6. Remarking of pieces of assessment

If remarking or resubmission of the piece of assessment is recommended by the Markers, the following procedures will apply:
  1. The National Office will organise a second person to review/remark the piece of assessment.
  2. The person undertaking the remarking will recommend to the College a new mark and formative comments for the piece of assessment by the agreed extended date
  3. The final mark will be awarded for the piece of assessment.
  4. The College will advise the Candidate and his/her Preceptor/Executive Coach of the outcome of the remark/resubmission of work.
  5. In the case of written summative assessment tasks, if the remark does not meet the required standard the piece of work will be unsatisfactory.

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