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Candidacy Applications for Fellowship Training Program
Membership Categories
Fellow (FRACMA)
Associate Fellow (AFRACMA)

Applications for 2019 Commencement of Candidacy via STANDARD PATHWAY - OPENS: 2 Jul 2018 & CLOSES: 28 Sep 2018

Applications for 2019 Commencement of Candidacy via an ACCELERATED PATHWAY with Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE) - OPENS: 1 Jun 2018 & CLOSES: 31 Jul 2018

Please contact the College Office on +61 3 9824 4699 for enquiries

A Candidate must be a Medical Practitioner:
  • who is participating in a training program approved by the Board in preparation for admission as a Fellow;
  • who has been admitted by the Board to that class of Membership; and to become a Candidate, eligible doctors can apply for Fellowship Training Program via:

    Standard pathway

    Accelerated pathways (applicants are required to present for an RPL Interview Panel for an evaluation of existing capabilities and recognition of prior learning (RPL) against the medical administration competency framework.

    There are 2 modified accelerated pathways and based on the RPL determined by the RPL Interview Panel, the College will recommend and make an offer to the appropriate Fellowship Training Pathway. These are:

    1. Clinical Specialist Pathway
    2. Medical Executive Pathway
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